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Affordable Care Act: Hardship Exemptions

Oct 30 2013 Are there exemptions from the penalties provided by the Affordable Care Act for those who have difficulties paying for health insurance? Aligning Individual Medical Mandate Penalties With the Open Enrollment Period... more »

How is Covered California Different from

Oct 23 2013 President Obama spoke of website issues; does this affect Californians applying online for Covered California? President Obama referred to website issues Monday in his address to the nation. Do you know which site he is... more »

Don’t Leave Your Employees Exposed To Risks Any Longer!

Oct 21 2013 Does your business face hazards and risks during certain tasks or projects? Don’t make accidents or injuries an option for your employees on the job. Instead, you should look into having a reliable workers compensation... more »

Covered California

Oct 16 2013 Covered California is a hit with 94,500 applications started since October 1  Consumer Interest Remains Strong for Health Insurance Offered Through Covered California Marketplace. Covered California had 600,000 unique... more »

Grand Opening of Covered California

Oct 9 2013 Thousands of consumers investigate health insurance through the new Covered California Marketplace in first week of opening. Covered California's Grand Opening Success! Partner agency has been informing you of the... more »

Careful! Avoid an Accident when Traveling near City Buses

Oct 7 2013 If you venture into the city often, then you know that city buses seem to take over the road. It is important to be careful as you drive near or pass by such a large vehicle. Failure to be cautious could present real... more »

Wellness Program Rewards

Oct 2 2013 Workplace Wellness Programs are on the increase! Learn about how the federal government is proposing to reward your business for participation. Wellness Program Rewards in the Workplace The U.S. Departments of Health... more »
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