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How to Protect Your Classic Car

Dec 6 2019 The collector car market evolves with each generation. While the Silent Generation started collecting cars, it was Baby Boomers who really got it rolling. They fell in love with the Chevrolet Bel Air, the Ford Mustang,... more »

Summer Driving Tips

Jun 1 2018 Summer’s almost here. The sun will come out of hiding, and people will, too. As crowds swell at the beach, in parks, and even on roadways, it all makes for some challenging driving conditions. More people are out and... more »

Tips for Buying a Safe Car

Jan 5 2018 You’ve heard all the talk about driverless cars - but unfortunately, we’re still years away from living in a world where you just tell your car where to go, kick back and relax with a book (or, more likely, your phone).... more »

How to Lower Your Auto Insurance Bill

Nov 3 2017 It’s easy to lower your insurance costs - especially if you have a great driving record, or don’t mind having higher deductibles. Who doesn’t want to pay less for car insurance? Billions of dollars are spent on ad... more »

Commercial or Personal Auto Insurance? What Type of Policy Should You Have?

Mar 23 2017 For many who use their vehicle for work, it can be difficult to navigate the differences in coverage and exclusions between a personal auto and a commercial auto policy to know how to best protect your individual and... more »

Teen Driving Safety

Mar 3 2017 Talking to Your Teen About Safe Driving When teens begin to drive, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Safety Council, the sobering statistics start to pile up:Car... more »

Car Shopping With Safety in Mind

Feb 3 2017 You’ve heard all the talk about driverless cars. Yet we’re still years away from living in a world where you can just tell your car where to go and then kick back and relax with a book or your phone. Even still,... more »

7 Driving Habits That Are Bad for Your Car

Jan 6 2017 No matter how safe you are behind the wheel, you’ve probably done things like: Shift into drive while the car is still rolling backward. Ride the brakes on steep hills. Roll into the gas station on empty. Guilty? If so,... more »

How to Deal With Road Rage

Sep 2 2016 Have you ever noticed that, with roadway anger, it’s always the other guy’s fault? And, it very well could be. The thing is, you can’t control how other people drive. But, you can control how you respond to situations... more »

Navigate Rainy Roadways With Care

Apr 1 2016 It’s just rain — how much impact can it really have on your driving? The answer: a lot. You’re likely to experience lower visibility, reduced traction and increased difficulty in handling your car both during and after... more »

The Right Car Seat for Your Child

Jan 20 2016 Do you have the right car seat for your child? With so many options out there, it's important to make sure you protect your most precious cargo."Infant-only", "convertible", "all-in-one"... many soon-to-be parents don’t... more »

Road Trippin' and Auto Insurance!

Jun 16 2015 Summer time is the best time to get your family, or a group of friends, together and finally go on that road trip you've been talking about. You might be visiting someone or you might just want to explore this beautiful... more »

Monica's Mommy Tips

Mar 9 2015 This week we have a great treat for you! Our very own Mommy Extraordinaire Monica has come up with some wonderful tips for kids and cars. Monica knows firsthand how having 2 small children and a dog can make any car... more »

Modern Insurance for Your Classic Car

Feb 26 2015 It takes more than age to make it a classic. A collector car isn't just a way to get around. It’s an investment that will continue to appreciate in coming years. What you need to know about Classic Car Insurance Not all... more »

I’m borrowing my friend’s car … am I covered?

Jan 21 2015 Most people have an idea of what’s covered and not covered under their various insurance policies. But at Partner Agency we get a lot of questions about borrowing or loaning a car. There are a lot of reasons you may... more »

AB 60 and Undocumented Citizen’s Driver Licenses

Jan 15 2015 Some big changes happened in California January 1, 2015. One of the biggest was the implementation of legislation allowing for undocumented citizens to receive a driver’s license known as Assembly Bill 60, or AB 60... more »

New Year New California Vehicle Codes

Jan 2 2014 2014 has arrived, and with it come several new auto laws for Californians. The new year is upon us! If you live in California that means that we have several new auto laws on the books. 1. Mobile Devices are Completely... more »

Careful! Avoid an Accident when Traveling near City Buses

Oct 7 2013 If you venture into the city often, then you know that city buses seem to take over the road. It is important to be careful as you drive near or pass by such a large vehicle. Failure to be cautious could present real... more »

Following City Parking Laws to Avoid a Ticket

Aug 12 2013 Have you been in a rush to find a parking space in the city? If so, you may have made the choice to park your vehicle illegally in the hopes that no one will notice. However, the officials in a city are very diligent... more »

Do You Love Your Car Enough to Protect It?

May 28 2013 How much do you love cars? Whether you are an avid collector of automobiles, have attended many car shows, have put your vehicle on public display, or own the most expensive car around, you should also consider... more »

Tips for Preparing for Your Holiday Driving Trip

Nov 2 2012 Millions of Americans will do some traveling this holiday season - the majority of it by car. Of course, winter weather creates a unique set of challenges on the roadways, whether you're simply driving around in Brea or... more »
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