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Can You Imagine Living in an Extreme Treehouse?

Typically, people live in homes made on the ground. Can you imagine living in a home high up in the trees? This may sound extreme and like something out of a fantasy book, but one local man followed his passion for the environment and made this dream into a reality. However, just like with any home, whether it is made of brick, stone, or wood, there are unique risks involved with living in a treehouse. Safety should always come first no matter what.

Did you know treehouses are popular to reside in all around the world? Depending on the weather of the region, it can be a very comfortable living situation. Treehouse building is a collaborative process, in which safety and design comes first when dealing with the surrounding environment. This meticulous process was followed by a homeowner in Napa Valley as he constructed his dream treehouse.

Featured on HGTV’s “Extreme Homes,” the dwelling is located 30 feet above the ground. In addition, it has a sophisticated look, far from a child’s playground. The walls are upholstered with luxurious fabrics, there are invisible sinks, gold tables, high tech electronics, chandeliers, and antiques from all over the world. However, the structure can only hold 9,000 pounds, which means this homeowner needs to always monitor the weight and amount of furniture and guests he brings inside.

Imagine if you could only have certain items and people in your home. In a way, this situation could be true for many homeowners in terms of protection. At Partner Agency, we know you family strives to feel comfortable in the place they call home. Therefore, we can offer you a home insurance policy to mitigate the unique risks you face in order to prevent accidents and injuries. Let us explore your options to find a plan that fits your budget and lifestyle.