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Monica's Mommy Tips

This week we have a great treat for you! Our very own Mommy Extraordinaire Monica has come up with some wonderful tips for kids and cars. Monica knows firsthand how having 2 small children and a dog can make any car drive an eventful exercise in driving safety, negotiations, and compromise. Here are her 5 tips for any car ride!

Monica’s Mommy Tips:

  1. My kids love to snack so I always make sure to pack goldfish for them. I also never forget something to drink because we will be driving for literally 2 minutes and they will be asking for water. So, always bring a sippy cup.
  2. I also tell them they can bring 1 toy in the car with them, my son Dominic usually sneaks in 3 hot wheels (I let it slide) and my daughter Arianny brings her Anna & Elsa doll from FROZEN. I also always have a few extra toys and books in the middle seat between them so they can grab what they want during the drive.
  3. I always set ground rules for them before we get in car. For example: If you drop anything on floor, you will need to wait until we park the car to grab it. Mommy is driving and cannot pick it up for you.
  4. I also have a “Mommy Emergency Kit” in my car at all times. This kit includes: tissues, wipes, band aids, an extra pair of clothes, diapers and Tylenol. This is so I don’t have to stress about going to the store real quick (because any mother knows that statement is never true). These are items I would need on any given day and they are easily accessible in my back seat.  Less stress= Happy Mama!
  5. I also think it’s super important to set a good example for them from an early age. I am extra mindful of staying calm when another driver cuts me off. I know by modeling safer driving skills, not only am I protecting my kids now, but I am also protecting them down the road by teaching them smart driving habits they will need when it is their turn to climb behind the wheel.

Thanks Monica! Those are some really wonderful tips! Do YOU have any tips for driving safely in the car with children? Comment below, we would love to hear about them!


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