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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

When is enrollment for Covered California?

The time to enroll in Covered California is near! As an Individual or Family, may I enroll in Affordable Health Care Medical Coverage at any time of the year? Who can help me? Enrolling for medical coverage will be...

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Setting Realistic Business Goals for a Sense of Motivation and Accomplishment

As a business owner, do you understand the importance of setting goals for your company? The desire you have to reach an accomplishment cannot be rushed. Altering your methods to become more realistic when tackling a...

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The Affordable Care Act: Concerns over Fraud and Scams

There are companies and individuals that might take advantage of consumer confusion and some of the misinformation out there about new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. Opportunities for potential fraud...

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Can You Imagine Living in an Extreme Treehouse?

Typically, people live in homes made on the ground. Can you imagine living in a home high up in the trees? This may sound extreme and like something out of a fantasy book, but one local man followed his passion for the...

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Affordable Care Act Financial Assistance Qualifications

Do You Qualify for Affordable Health Care Financial Assistance? If you need help paying for health care, you may qualify for federal assistance. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as health care reform, the...

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