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Tips to Establish Trustworthy, Polite, and Honest Customer Service

Jul 30 2013 Are you having trouble improving your client services? Running an organization is filled with ups and downs, but pleasing your customers shouldn’t be a struggle. If it is, then you most likely are losing business... more »

Protecting Your Home When You Travel

Jul 23 2013 Stopping mail delivery, putting a few lights on a timer, and leaving a key with a good neighbor are still wise home protection ideas before leaving on vacation. And while it's important to protect yourself with these... more »

The Affordable Care Act: Financial Assistance

Jul 17 2013 Affordable Health Coverage - If I still cannot afford it, are there financial assistance programs available to me? Many people know they need health insurance but are concerned about the price. Luckily, there are ... more »

The Affordable Care Act's Essential Health Benefits

Jul 10 2013 Explaining the Essential Health Benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act Essential Health Benefits The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that Individual/Family Health Plans and Small Employer Group Health Plans... more »

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires this Season

Jul 9 2013 The nightmare of putting out a fire on your own home can be a scary experience. No homeowner should have to experience such tragedy due to an unpredictable wildfire. In order to protect your property and family this... more »

Small Business Health Options Program

Jul 3 2013 What is the SHOP Marketplace and What Will It Mean for Small Business Owners? The SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) Marketplace will open in October of this year for coverage that is proposed to take effect... more »

Traveling With Your Best (Four-Legged) Friend

Jul 2 2013 Planning a summer road trip with your best four-legged friend? Here are some safe traveling tips for you and Fido! Whether you're headed out on the road for a weekend drive or a longer vacation, there are some car trips... more »
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