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Toby's Holiday Gift Guide for Dogs

Dec 20 2013 The Holidays are upon us! Toby lists his top holiday gifts for animal-lovers and their dogs This is the time of the year to give gifts to those you love, and we at Partner Agency know that sometimes the ones you love... more »

Affordable Care Act: Small Businesses and Part Time Workers

Dec 18 2013 Many small businesses do not offer health care, and if they do, many part time employees are not eligible for group coverage. There is now a place that provides the coverage you need! Where do I get my health coverage... more »

Revisions to the Affordable Care Act

Dec 12 2013 What are the latest changes to the Affordable Care Act and how will they affect me and my premiums? Revisions to the Affordable Care Act and the Effect of Extending Coverage to Non-Grandfathered Policies There has been... more »
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