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Affordable Care Act – Mandatory and Excepted Health Benefits

Dec 10 2014 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had many people scratching their head and wondering what will be included on their new ACA-Compliant policy. What are the Mandatory Benefits and Excepted Benefits? What are Mandatory... more »

Income Verification by Covered California

Nov 5 2014 Covered California is sending notices to health plan enrollees asking permission to automatically verify their income for the coverage year 2015.Why does Covered California need to know my household income?Having... more »

Affordable Care Act and Employer Mandate Final Rule

Oct 29 2014 The Affordable Care Act has led to many changes with small business owners and the employee benefits they need to provide. Many of the mandates were postponed last year, so there is a lot of confusion. We are here to... more »

What is an EPO plan?

Oct 22 2014 What are the benefits of an EPO plan? Is this plan a good choice for me? What is an EPO plan or an EPO Network? Many people are aware of HMO or PPO plans, but many carriers, such as Anthem Blue Cross, are now offering... more »

Smoke Alarms Are the Sound of Safety

Oct 16 2014 Smoke alarm safety is very important. Having enough smoke alarms and keeping them in working condition are important fire safety steps you can take to save lives in your home. Alarms can alert you and your family to... more »

Summer Heat can be Deadly

Jul 23 2014 Summertime heat can be deadly- do not take risks! In 2013 alone, a total of 44 children who were 14 years and younger died in the United States from heat stroke by being left in cars during the summer time. These... more »

Live Happy : Summertime Stargazing

Jul 11 2014 Summer is the perfect time to take a mini vacation away from the city. For those living in the city, the night sky may look like a black canvas with a couple of stars shinning through the atmosphere. Stargazing is a... more »

What To Do In A Drought

Jun 23 2014 California is experiencing a serious drought for its fourth consecutive year. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a statewide drought emergency. We all need to do our part and conserve water, now more than ever!... more »

Summer Road Trip Tips!

Jun 11 2014 June is here and school is out, what better time to take a road trip? Before you do, Partner Agency wants to make sure your car is in good condition for an enjoyable and safe trip. Here are our summer road trip tips!... more »

Make More Happen Winner and a Car Show!

May 30 2014 Pet Prescription Team wins $10,000 donation in Safeco Insurance® Make More Happen Contest Thanks to all of your votes Partner Agency and the Pet Prescription Team won SafeCo's Make More Happen Award! We couldn’t have... more »

Affordable Care Act: Life After Open Enrollment

Mar 26 2014 Have questions about what happens after March 31? We have answers! What you should know about the end of Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment periods. March 31 is the last day anyone can sign up for an individual or... more »

Health Insurance 101

Mar 5 2014 “What’s a Premium again?” A new survey of 1,008 U.S. adults conducted for the American Institute of CPAs by Harris Interactive, found that more than half (51 percent) could not accurately identify at least one of three... more »

Affordable Care Act: What is SHOP?

Feb 26 2014 ACA Quick Facts:  What is the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)? Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect small businesses, their employees, and families. Currently, smaller businesses are... more »

What's Provided by the Affordable Care Act?

Feb 5 2014 Have questions about what procedures and services are and are not covered by the Affordable Care Act? We have answers! What is included in my coverage? Many people remain uncertain about the Affordable Care Act and the... more »

Questions About the Affordable Care Act For 2014 and 2015

Jan 8 2014 Still have questions about the Affordable Care Act? We have answers! We know that there are still many questions regarding the Affordable Care Act. Today we answer some of those questions concerning the enrollment... more »

New Year New California Vehicle Codes

Jan 2 2014 2014 has arrived, and with it come several new auto laws for Californians. The new year is upon us! If you live in California that means that we have several new auto laws on the books. 1. Mobile Devices are Completely... more »
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