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Affordable Care Act: I have coverage, now what?

Feb 18 2015 Now that you have secured coverage for 2015 through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), what do you do now? Step 1: Find a doctor in your plan You will likely wish to begin by finding out if your prior doctors and other... more »

Affordable Care Act: Taxes and Penalties

Feb 4 2015 The Affordable Care Act went into effect 2014, and with it came the federal law that requires all US citizens have health insurance or suffer a penalty. If you did not have health insurance for 2014, and you did not... more »

Employer Shared Responsibility

Jan 7 2015 In 2015, employers of with a certain amount of full-time employees will be subject to the Employer Shared Responsibility, which means that the employer must offer affordable health benefits. This is due to the... more »

Affordable Care Act – Mandatory and Excepted Health Benefits

Dec 10 2014 The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has had many people scratching their head and wondering what will be included on their new ACA-Compliant policy. What are the Mandatory Benefits and Excepted Benefits? What are Mandatory... more »

Income Verification by Covered California

Nov 5 2014 Covered California is sending notices to health plan enrollees asking permission to automatically verify their income for the coverage year 2015.Why does Covered California need to know my household income?Having... more »

Affordable Care Act and Employer Mandate Final Rule

Oct 29 2014 The Affordable Care Act has led to many changes with small business owners and the employee benefits they need to provide. Many of the mandates were postponed last year, so there is a lot of confusion. We are here to... more »

What is an EPO plan?

Oct 22 2014 What are the benefits of an EPO plan? Is this plan a good choice for me? What is an EPO plan or an EPO Network? Many people are aware of HMO or PPO plans, but many carriers, such as Anthem Blue Cross, are now offering... more »

Affordable Care Act: Life After Open Enrollment

Mar 26 2014 Have questions about what happens after March 31? We have answers! What you should know about the end of Open Enrollment and Special Enrollment periods. March 31 is the last day anyone can sign up for an individual or... more »

Health Insurance 101

Mar 5 2014 “What’s a Premium again?” A new survey of 1,008 U.S. adults conducted for the American Institute of CPAs by Harris Interactive, found that more than half (51 percent) could not accurately identify at least one of three... more »

Affordable Care Act: What is SHOP?

Feb 26 2014 ACA Quick Facts:  What is the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)? Several provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) affect small businesses, their employees, and families. Currently, smaller businesses are... more »

What's Provided by the Affordable Care Act?

Feb 5 2014 Have questions about what procedures and services are and are not covered by the Affordable Care Act? We have answers! What is included in my coverage? Many people remain uncertain about the Affordable Care Act and the... more »

Questions About the Affordable Care Act For 2014 and 2015

Jan 8 2014 Still have questions about the Affordable Care Act? We have answers! We know that there are still many questions regarding the Affordable Care Act. Today we answer some of those questions concerning the enrollment... more »

Affordable Care Act: Small Businesses and Part Time Workers

Dec 18 2013 Many small businesses do not offer health care, and if they do, many part time employees are not eligible for group coverage. There is now a place that provides the coverage you need! Where do I get my health coverage... more »

Revisions to the Affordable Care Act

Dec 12 2013 What are the latest changes to the Affordable Care Act and how will they affect me and my premiums? Revisions to the Affordable Care Act and the Effect of Extending Coverage to Non-Grandfathered Policies There has been... more »

Affordable Care Act-White House Announces Transition Policy for Some Health Plans

Nov 20 2013 [caption id="attachment_474" align="aligncenter" width="819"] What are the newest proposed reforms to the Affordable Care Act and how will they affect you?[/caption] Due To Public Appeal, President Obama Addresses the... more »

Affordable Care Plan: Changes Affecting Small Group Employers Health Plans

Nov 13 2013 Are you still unsure of how the Affordable Care Act will affect your small business? Many employers are wondering how the Affordable Care Act will affect the coverage they provide to their employees. Below is a recap of... more »

Affordable Care Act: The Do's and Don'ts of Applying

Nov 6 2013 The application process can be confusing. Let us help you with listing what sort of information you will need to provide in order to sign up for the Affordable Care Act. What sort of information do I need to apply for... more »

Affordable Care Act: Hardship Exemptions

Oct 30 2013 Are there exemptions from the penalties provided by the Affordable Care Act for those who have difficulties paying for health insurance? Aligning Individual Medical Mandate Penalties With the Open Enrollment Period... more »

How is Covered California Different from

Oct 23 2013 President Obama spoke of website issues; does this affect Californians applying online for Covered California? President Obama referred to website issues Monday in his address to the nation. Do you know which site he is... more »

Covered California

Oct 16 2013 Covered California is a hit with 94,500 applications started since October 1  Consumer Interest Remains Strong for Health Insurance Offered Through Covered California Marketplace. Covered California had 600,000 unique... more »

Grand Opening of Covered California

Oct 9 2013 Thousands of consumers investigate health insurance through the new Covered California Marketplace in first week of opening. Covered California's Grand Opening Success! Partner agency has been informing you of the... more »

When is enrollment for Covered California?

Sep 25 2013 The time to enroll in Covered California is near! As an Individual or Family, may I enroll in Affordable Health Care Medical Coverage at any time of the year?  Who can help me? Enrolling for medical coverage will be... more »

The Affordable Care Act: Concerns over Fraud and Scams

Sep 11 2013 There are companies and individuals that might take advantage of consumer confusion and some of the misinformation out there about new coverage options under the Affordable Care Act. Opportunities for potential fraud... more »

Affordable Care Act Financial Assistance Qualifications

Sep 4 2013 Do You Qualify for Affordable Health Care Financial Assistance? If you need help paying for health care, you may qualify for federal assistance. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as health care reform, the... more »

How Will You Sign Up For Medical Insurance?

Aug 21 2013 Are you wondering how to sign up for the Affordable Care Act? Will it be through your employer, or independent of your employer? Must my Small Group Employer offer me Medical Insurance? With all these changes and... more »

What Additional Coverages Are Available Through the Affordable Care Act?

Aug 14 2013 With the upcoming health reform changes through the Affordable Care Act (ACA) many people have questions about what kind of additional coverages will be available, and to whom? Will the new Health Care Marketplace have... more »

Small Business Owner's Role in Notifying Employees of Health Care Change

Aug 7 2013 What is your role as a small business owner in informing your employees about the health care reform options? As an Employer, do I need to inform my employees about the Health Benefits Marketplace…even if our company... more »

The Affordable Care Act: Financial Assistance

Jul 17 2013 Affordable Health Coverage - If I still cannot afford it, are there financial assistance programs available to me? Many people know they need health insurance but are concerned about the price. Luckily, there are ... more »

The Affordable Care Act's Essential Health Benefits

Jul 10 2013 Explaining the Essential Health Benefits provided by the Affordable Care Act Essential Health Benefits The Affordable Care Act (ACA) mandates that Individual/Family Health Plans and Small Employer Group Health Plans... more »

Small Business Health Options Program

Jul 3 2013 What is the SHOP Marketplace and What Will It Mean for Small Business Owners? The SHOP (Small Business Health Options Program) Marketplace will open in October of this year for coverage that is proposed to take effect... more »

The Affordable Care Act: Covered California

Jun 26 2013 How will Covered California allow you to shop for health insurance? Will there be penalties for the uninsured? California's Marketplace The Affordable Care Act establishes state marketplaces where individuals and small... more »

Affordable Care Act: How to Choose Your Health Plan?

Jun 19 2013 How to Choose Your Health Plan? With all the impending changes from the Affordable Care Act, you may be wondering "How will I choose my health care plan?" To help make shopping for health insurance easier, health plans ... more »

The Affordable Care Act: Health Insurance Marketplace

Jun 12 2013 Are you wondering how the Affordable Care Act will change the way you get your health insurance? Big changes are coming in October 2013. Big changes for a lot of people. The Affordable Care Act is expected to help... more »

What Does Health Care Reform Mean to You?

May 29 2013 Are you wondering how the Affordable Care Act will be implemented, when you enroll, and how it will affect you and your family? We have answers! How is the Affordable Care Act going to be implemented in California? As... more »

Wellness Wednesday: Demystifying Health Insurance Reform

May 22 2013 Questions about health care? We want to become your partner in unraveling the mystery of health care reform! Here at Partner Insurance Agency, it is our goal to redefine the relationship between you and your insurance... more »
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