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Why Today’s Homes Burn Faster

Dec 1 2017 From building materials to furnishings, many of the things in your home likely aren’t as flame-resistant as those from yesteryear. A fire in a modern home is a “perfect storm,” according to safety consulting and... more »

Heavy Rain? Be on the Lookout for Heavy Damage

Jul 7 2017 Your home protects you from the elements, but heavy rains can weaken that protection. With a little maintenance and a lot of vigilance, it’s not hard to stay safe and dry. Spring rainstorms are a fact of life in many... more »

Want a Safer Home? Consider these Inexpensive Fixes

Jun 2 2017 Home improvement: It’s a never-ending process for many people, and for those of us who aren’t necessarily handy, it can be a hassle, too. But there are plenty of simple maintenance tasks and other improvements you can... more »

Do You Have Enough Coverage to Rebuild Your Home?

Jun 4 2015 Imagine how devastating it would be to lose your home in a fire. Now imagine not being able to rebuild it completely because you didn’t have the correct amount of insurance.Selecting the proper amount of coverage is the... more »

Smoke Alarms Are the Sound of Safety

Oct 16 2014 Smoke alarm safety is very important. Having enough smoke alarms and keeping them in working condition are important fire safety steps you can take to save lives in your home. Alarms can alert you and your family to... more »

What To Do In A Drought

Jun 23 2014 California is experiencing a serious drought for its fourth consecutive year. Governor Jerry Brown has declared a statewide drought emergency. We all need to do our part and conserve water, now more than ever!... more »

Protecting Your Home from Wildfires this Season

Jul 9 2013 The nightmare of putting out a fire on your own home can be a scary experience. No homeowner should have to experience such tragedy due to an unpredictable wildfire. In order to protect your property and family this... more »

A Home Inventory Will Help You Know What You Own

Jul 25 2012 Why should I have a home inventory? - Your furniture and appliances, clothing, sports or hobby equipment, and electronic goods are all regarded as personal property. Like many people in California, you may own much more... more »
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